Frequently asked questions

How to register?

For registration details please visit the page.

How to change an email registered on Coinmania?

Registered users can not change the email.

How do I deposit money to a Coinmania account from the Internet/Mobile Bank?

To transfer via Internet Bank, you need to log in to Coinmania, visit your wallet, select Gel and click on deposit, where you will see the company account numbers.

Transfer the money from your internet bank to Coinmania's account number and enter your registration email in the description.

How do I deposit money into Coinmania's account from TBC Pay and Express Pay?

In the case of TBC Pay and Express Pay, you have to deposit the amount on the company's account. The company identification code is 405 189 166. After entering the code, in the recipient chart "Coinmania Ltd" must appear. Then enter your registration email at the destination.

Why cannot I write @ sign in the description when transferring from the Bank of Georgia?

You can replace the @ sign in the email with three dots (…).

What can I do if I forgot to write the email in the description?

In such a case, you should contact us: [email protected], call or text us on mobile number or telegram.

You must send us:

Personal id number of the sender


Email (Coinmania's user)

How much time does it take to transfer money from Coinmania to a bank account?

Transfer of Gel occurs instantly. 

In the case of "Bank of Georgia" and "TBC Bank", you will receive the money in your account in around 5 minutes.

In the case of other banks, the transfer may take between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Transactions that were made after 17:00 will be deposited until 12:00 of the next business day.

Consider that during 23:00-04:00 banks work on delays, and transactions may be late delivered.

How much time will it take to complete the crypto transaction?

The time of crypto transactions' completeness is dependent on the block's publication.

Coinmania's fees ensure that the transaction will occur on the very first block.

What is the fee of GEL transfer from Coinmania to a bank account?

The fee of GEL transfer from Coinmania to a bank account is 1 GEL, despite the amount.

What is the fee of crypto transfers?

To see the fees of crypto transactions visit the page.

To find out how much this amount is in GEL at a particular point in time, enter this amount in the cryptocurrency buy chart.

Crypto transaction fees are fixed and do not depend on the amount. 

Are there any limits on Coinmania?

Coinmania does not have any limits. You can transfer a preferable amount at any time, without any restrictions.

What is an Express Transfer?

Express Transfer is a crypto or Gel transfer method between the Coinmania users. Express Transfer has no fees and transfer delivers in seconds.

How can I see my crypto address?

To see the crypto address, you should enter the wallet, choose the desirable crypto and click on “Withdraw”. Besides the address, there is a public ledger, where you can find your address in the blockchain.

How to check transaction confirmations in Blockchain?

To check the transaction confirmations in Blockchain

  1. Open the Blockchain app.
  2. On the bottom right corner click the button “Transactions”
  3. On the transaction list, press the red button “SENT” of the preferred transaction line.
  4. If there is written “Pending (0/3)” in the Status chart, the transaction is not confirmed. Transactions are confirmed by miners.

The amount transferred to the Coinmania wallet will be reflected after there is written (1/3) next to Pending.   

How to recover Google Authenticator?

To receive the Google Authenticator activation code, please follow the following steps:

Email "Send me Google Authenticator activation code" to [email protected] Email must be sent from one of COINMANIA's account addresses.

The activation code will be sent by email.

Please enter the activation code in the Google Authenticator application.

How to install Google Authenticator?

Download the Google Authenticator app. After opening, in the low right corner click the button.

Choose - Enter a Provided Key

In the chart of Account Name can write "Coinmania"

In the chart of "Your Key" write the code you received via email. 

Click the "ADD" button.

After that, you can use the six-digit code on the Coinmania website.

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