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Last updated: 1 July 2022
  1. The Privacy Policy sets out the terms of processing and personal storage of (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and the rules of their storage in order to protect the principle of privacy and inviolability of users.
  2. Personal data means the information defined by the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection, which COINMANIA obtains during the provision of services posted on the same website. Through this message, the company provides users with information about the processing of personal data and its legal protection mechanisms. However, these Terms and Conditions apply to any information that the Company obtains as a result of the User 's use of the Website, however, these Terms and Conditions do not apply to any Website whose links are to, but its control panel belongs to third parties.
  3. By using, the User acknowledges that the Company agrees to use his personal data in accordance with the rules set forth in this Privacy Policy.
  4. We hereby inform you that the company is authorized to make any changes to the rules set out in the Privacy Policy without prior notice and consent of the user. Users are required to review the Privacy Policy on a regular basis.
  5. The Company receives, collects, processes and stores the following information from its customers: personal information provided by the User when registering on the Website and non-personal information that is not personal data, therefore, the Company is entitled to use it at its discretion to achieve the intended purposes.
  6. Personal information through which a person can be identified, such as a user name, first name, last name, identification code or personal number, address, contact phone number, bank account number, contact person and his / her details, etc., is provided to the company by the user. User personal information is stored on a secure server, accessible only to company employees and contractors.
  7. The company is authorized to collect, process, store and, if necessary, request access to the user's personal data, which is processed by the company through automated or non-automated equipment. In addition, we inform you that the Company adheres to specific security measures to prevent data loss, illegal or improper use and unauthorized access, which ensures the protection of this information from third parties.
  8. The Company reserves the right to disclose and disclose the User's personal and non-personal information to its legal entities, subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, employees and agents in order to provide services and security on the Website, and to disclose or disclose such information to third parties only in Georgia. In cases provided by applicable law. The user is entitled to request that the data be corrected, updated, added, deleted or destroyed at any time if it is incomplete, inaccurate, not updated or if it has been collected and processed in violation of the law. Also, request information about correcting, updating, adding, deleting or destroying your personal data. Within 10 (ten) calendar days of the customer's request, the company is obliged to correct, update, add, delete or destroy the data or notify the customer of the reasons for the rejection and rejection. However, if the company considers that the data in its possession is incomplete, inaccurate or not updated, without the request of the customer, the company is obliged to correct or update the data and notify the customer immediately.
  9. Processing of personal and non-personal information of consumers by the Company within the framework of the current legislation of Georgia, without any other restrictions, which is carried out through the use of automatic, semi-automatic or non-automatic means of information retrieval, collection, photo / video printing, recording, modification, restoration, storage, retrieval, use, For the purpose of disclosure, transmission, dissemination, grouping, blocking or destruction.
  10. The Company processes any information provided to it by the Customer during the period required to achieve the purpose of requesting this information, and the storage is carried out within the period provided by the current legislation of Georgia.
  11. Non-personal information is information related to the electronic space, such as URL, Web Browser, Cookies, Pixel, IP Address, etc.
  12. This website contains short information files (cookies) created by the server. A cookie represents the website you visit A short text file stored on a hard drive that contains short information and is also used by the visitor to ensure the use of the relevant website. In order to receive the services of this website, the user agrees to use the cookie, however, after he leaves the website or closes the browser, the session cookie will be deleted by itself. In case the user does not agree to use the website cookie, he / she is entitled to change the security mode of the navigation program, as a result of which the company can no longer obtain and collect the user cookie. Please be informed that if the user does not agree to the use of the session cookie, the customer will be restricted from some of the services provided on the website.
  13. However, after the user completes the work on the website, there will be no automatic exit from the user's system, which means that before the user uses the "exit" button, his data will be available to any third party. In such cases, the company fully disclaims any liability.
  14. The purpose of collecting and using personal and non-personal information is to comply with the current legislation of Georgia, to improve and develop the company's services, to study customer requirements, to produce website statistics, to plan and implement various marketing activities. Based on the above, the company may send messages on the contact details provided to the company by the company periodically, however the user is entitled to apply to the company in writing and request to stop sending similar messages.
  15. We would like to inform you that during the registration the personal information provided to the company is processed and verified in accordance with the current legislation of Georgia. It is also important that the user does not disclose the user name and password on this website to third parties, otherwise the company is not responsible for the consequences of such actions.
  16. In addition to all the above, the company is not responsible for the consequences of such third party influence on the website, which is an action against the current legislation of Georgia, which caused damage to the website and information stored on it, dissemination, deletion, etc.
  17. Please be informed that by using the Website, the User automatically agrees to this Privacy Policy and the Company gives you the right to request and / or provide the Administrative Authority with any information about the User, provided by the Privacy Policy and the current legislation of Georgia. , For the purpose of carrying out analysis, storage, marketing and other activities that are not prohibited by the current legislation of Georgia, the principle of privacy and the consumer agreement.
  18. In case of questions about the privacy policy, company and its activities, rights, obligations or any other issue, the user is entitled to contact the company through a simplified form of contact using the means of communication convenient to him. 

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